Advantages and structural characteristics of high-speed electric spindle products

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-14 15:33:17

The dynamic characteristics, reliability, stability and other characteristics of high-speed electric spindles have a great influence on the machining accuracy, stability and application range of machine tool processing. High-speed electric spindles generally include: electric spindles, pneumatic spindles, hydraulic spindles, etc.; according to the different machine tools, they are divided into: grinding, drilling and machining center electric spindles. Different from the traditional transmission system, the electric spindle has its unique advantages:

1. Since the electric spindle simplifies the transmission chain and cancels the transmission process such as gears and pulleys, the transmission error is smaller, the response is faster, and the efficiency is higher.

2. Improve the accuracy of transmission, and reduce vibration and noise.

3. Due to the fusion of the spindle of the CNC unit and the motor unit, the structure is more compact, the weight is smaller, and the corresponding rotational inertia is also reduced, which can achieve higher speed and more accurate positioning.

4. The bearing of the high-speed electric spindle adopts high-speed bearing technology, and the service life is increased several times compared with the traditional bearing.

The high-speed electric spindle is a complete set of equipment that integrates the machine tool spindle and the motor spindle. It is mainly composed of a rotor shaft, a stator, a bearing frequency conversion system, a spindle shell, a shellless squirrel cage motor and a water cooling system. The stator is generally made of laminated silicon steel sheets with high magnetic permeability; the rotor is the moving part of the electric spindle, and its main function is to convert electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy.

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