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Customer Notice

Instructions for use

1. Connect the water inlet and outlet pipe joints of the electric spindle as required, and check whether the connection is leaking and unobstructed. The cooling system of the water-cooled electric spindle should be connected to the main switch of the machine tool; the cooling system should work continuously after starting up to stopping. The coolant water volume is calculated at 2.5 liters/kW·minute, and the coolant flow rate is 3-6 liters/minute. The small motor spindle takes the small value, and the large motor spindle takes the large value; the coolant requires a separate water tank, and the coolant requires every Change it regularly every month; the temperature of the cooling liquid should be 3~5℃ lower than the ambient temperature, preferably around 25℃.

2. The selected frequency converter should match the voltage, power and frequency of the electric spindle for supporting use. To set the inverter, first set the reference frequency of the inverter. The reference frequency of the inverter is set according to the highest frequency of the electro-spindle.

3. Connect the inverter to the three-phase power supply of the electro-spindle. The three-phase power cord of the inverter should be welded to pins 1 (U1), 2 (V1), and 3 (W1) of the plug, and pin 4 is the ground wire. Then the inverter is connected to the external power supply. After turning on the power, the inverter jogs and observes whether the rotation direction of the electro-spindle is consistent with the direction indicated by the electro-spindle. If the rotation direction is inconsistent, shut down and correct it immediately. The connection between the electric spindle and the inverter should not exceed 25m.

4. Due to the limitation of the limit speed of the precision angular contact ball bearing grease lubrication, the electric spindle is not allowed to run over speed. Overspeeding will cause the precision angular contact ball bearings to burn out.

5. When the electric spindle is working normally, do a good job of listening, touching, and watching three links. Once you hear if there is any abnormal sound from the electro-spindle, if any abnormal sound is found, shut down and check in time. Second, check whether the electric spindle is heating and vibrating stable. If the heating and vibration are aggravated, shut down and check in time. Third, see if the quality of the processed surface is stable, and if it is unstable, shut it down for inspection in time.

Maintenance and maintenance

1. When abnormal sound or vibration is found during the operation of the electric spindle, the machine should be shut down immediately to check the bearings, and new bearings must be replaced if necessary. When an abnormal smell is emitted or the rotation is suddenly stopped during operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the stator-to-ground resistance and three-phase resistance should be measured with a shaker. Loss of insulation resistance means that the stator is burned out. Return to the factory to replace the stator.

2. When the electro-spindle is out of service for a long time, use compressed air to blow clean the residual coolant in the cooling pipe and perform anti-rust treatment on the electro-spindle. After the electro-spindle has been stored or deactivated for 6 months, it must be replaced with new grease before use, otherwise it will affect the life of the electro-spindle.

3. In order to prolong the service life of the electric spindle, the new electric spindle or the electric spindle with a new bearing should be divided into 4 to 8 gears evenly within the speed range, and the speed will be increased after 30 minutes of operation in each section, so as to avoid direct high-speed operation and shorten the bearing Service life. After the holiday, turn on and let the electric spindle run without load for half an hour before starting to work.

4. When the damaged electric spindle needs to be repaired, it should be returned to our company for repair, and our company will serve you wholeheartedly.

The statement that the electric spindle is not free of charge

If the user does not operate according to the instruction manual during use, causing damage to the electro-spindle, the company will implement fee-based repairs in the following situations.

1. The operating voltage of the electric spindle does not match the nameplate, causing the stator to burn out.

2. The electric spindle is used in the absence of phase, causing the stator to burn out.

3. The electric spindle crashed due to the user's operation error, causing damage to the electric spindle.

4. The user disassembles the electric spindle without permission, causing damage to the electric spindle.

5. The user did not regularly replace the coolant, causing the electric spindle to block the cooling water channel.

6. The electric spindle is damaged due to the high temperature of the coolant.

7. The user privately increases the cutting parameters, causing damage to the electric spindle.