Electric spindle enterprises should strengthen equipment management and renewal

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-14 15:37:19

The health level of production equipment is the basis for safe production of electro-spindle enterprises and is directly related to the safe operation of the production line. To ensure the safe production of electric spindle enterprises and make the enterprise healthy, stable and sustainable development, safety production management must be strengthened and improved, and a long-term and sound safety production management mechanism must be established.

1. Apply online monitoring and information management systems and other technical means to grasp the operating status of equipment to ensure timely elimination of hidden equipment hazards.

2. Strengthen the investigation and remediation of hidden equipment hazards and the management of hidden hazards, strengthen the monitoring and tracking of the hidden equipment hazards that have not been eliminated, and formulate a complete response plan. There must be no fluke and paralysis.

3. Strengthen equipment operation and equipment maintenance management. In addition to strengthening daily inspections and inspections, in special periods, regular inspections and key inspections of important lines and substations should be strengthened in a targeted manner. It is necessary to implement methods for evaluating the status of power grid equipment, reasonably arrange equipment maintenance plans, and strengthen equipment maintenance management.

4. Strengthen power grid equipment grade evaluation, status evaluation and safety evaluation, update and transform related equipment that does not meet safe operation, and improve the automation level, equipment integrity rate, and power supply reliability.

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