Design of Heat Pipe Cooling System for Motorized Spindle of High Speed Machine Tool

The electric spindle cooling system adopting heat pipe cooling technology can not only cool the shaft shell, but also increase the cooling of the high-speed electric spindle shaft core. By implanting the heat pipe customized for the electric spindle into the shell and shaft core of the electric spindle, the front bearing, motor stator, and rear bearing are all set as the evaporation section, and the part of the heat pipe exposed to the rear end cover is set as the condensation end . A cooling air conditioner is installed on the machine tool and pressurized to make cold air flow in from the inlet of the rear cover, and finally out of the outlet and circulate to the refrigerating air conditioner for cooling.

When the machine tool is working, once heat is generated at the evaporating end, it will be quickly brought to the condensing section through the steam inside the heat pipe, and cold air at the condensing end will quickly take away the heat, ensuring the constant temperature state of the electric spindle. The use of high-efficiency heat pipe heat conduction technology can quickly take away the heat from the spindle motor and spindle bearing, which can effectively control the temperature rise, minimize the machining accuracy error caused by the thermal expansion of the spindle, and also improve the use of the shaft itself and the spindle bearing life.

The rapid increase in temperature during use of high-speed electric spindles affects the normal use of high-speed machine tools and reduces the machining accuracy of parts. Only through the use of effective cooling technology can this situation be improved. This is the case with high-speed electric spindle heat pipe cooling technology. An effective cooling technology. With the existence of this technology, the speed of the electric spindle can be increased correspondingly within the range that the machine tool can bear, thereby improving the working efficiency of the processing machine tool and creating greater economic benefits.

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