The spindle and bearing errors are the main factors affecting the rotation accuracy of the electric

Electric spindle has been widely used in industrial equipment. It is a combination of motor and spindle, which achieves higher speed operation. The rotation accuracy of the electric spindle has a great influence on the final effect of the use of mechanical equipment, and the technical requirements are high. Let's follow Jianken to take a look at the main factors that affect the rotation accuracy of the electric spindle.

1. The error of the spindle. Generally speaking, the error of the electric spindle also includes many different factors. They are the error of the roundness of the spindle supporting journal, and the error of the same axis. The last error factor is The size of the error between the axial bearing surface of the main shaft journal and the verticality of the axis, because this error factor will directly affect the amount of axial movement of the main shaft.

2. The size of the bearing error of the electric spindle. The bearing error includes not only the roundness of the inner hole of the sliding bearing, but also the roundness of the rolling bearing raceway, which will directly affect the rotation of the electric spindle. Accuracy; Another factor that belongs to bearing error is the error size of the bearing positioning side and the perpendicularity of the axis line. These parts should be paid attention to. These errors will affect the accuracy of the electric spindle.

There are many factors that affect accuracy, mainly the two aspects mentioned above need to be focused on. The electric spindle is a relatively high-precision equipment, and there are many requirements in terms of production and manufacturing. Only by improving the accuracy and the quality of the electric spindle can it help the efficient operation of the equipment and improve the accuracy of processing and production.

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